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Sambo and Blossom
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Blossom and Sambo are two black cats that live with us - or do we live with them? 

About Sambo......

My dear old cat Smedley died and I wanted to get another cat and so I went to the SPCA and saw Sambo and thought he would be a great pet.  Sambo had to remain there until the owners may have claimed him.  One week later he was still there so he came home with me.  He was about six months old I think.  That was in 1999.


About Blossom......

When I was at the Vets with Smedley I said I didn't want to come home to an empty house and I would get another cat.  The week I got Sambo the Vets phoned to say that they had a cat I maybe interested in.  I went down and she was so lovely, but I didn't really want two cats.  They said oh well... we will probably put her down!  Emotional blackmail.  So I took her home.  She is a very timid wee cat.