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My Family Tree

David SMITH married Maria JONES in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1856.  

My Great Great Grandfather

David Smith c1833 -1874-1896

David Smith came to NZ in 1855, married Maria in 1856 and then they went to Waimate had two children David and Jane.  Maria died in 1869, David fathered another son Robert David in 1872 and married Sarah Sole nee Bason in 1873.  Sarah died in 1896 and her death certificate said that David had pre-deceased her.  To date, I cannot find any linking information to know when our David Smith died. 

My Great Great Grandmother

Maria nee Jones c1827
    to 29 Sep 1869

Maria nee Jones came to New Zealand in 1855 and married David Smith.  Family History says Maria walked long distances around Waimate, South Canterbury to help with deliver the babies and one night she fell and badly injuried she did not recover, leaving a husband and two small children behind.

My Great Grandfather

David Smith 12 Jun 1858 - 31 Oct 1921

David Smith  came to Southland and lived at Round Hill, Western Southland and worked in the mines.

My Great Grandmother

Ellen nee O'Brien 24 May 1861 - 03 Mar 1917

Ellen nee O'Brien was born in Stalwell, Australia of Irish parents and they all came to New Zealand to Orepuki, Western Southland.