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Hayden's Page
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Hayden Watson
21 Oct 1981 - 11 April 1997

Hayden a few hours old
A dear wee man

Reuben and Hayden
Reuben aged 2 Hayden aged 6 months

Second Birthday
"I love having cake and candles"

Reuben aged 14 Hayden 13
Teenage years

Happy Hayden

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Reuben's Page

Hayden aged 9 months
He didn't like sitting in the highchair

Hayden was born on 21 October 1981, Mum Wendy and Dad Chris, and brother Reuben welcomed this lovely new addition.  Like Reuben, Hayden went to Bluff Kindy and Bluff school and not long after went to Clarendon School in Invercargill and then on to Tweedsmuir.  Then he went to Orewa College in Auckland.

Fondue Time
Hayden LOVED the fondue

Hayden liked the practical side of school, woodwork, art, cooking etc, and when he was 15 he decided to leave formal schooling and go and build boats.  He was doing well but tragically he died in car accident on 11 April 1997.  We still miss him every day and often wonder how life would have been with him still on this earth.  His warm nature, he cute smile, his hugs and amazing sense of humour with his infectious laughter. 

       One day we will meet again



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Orepuki, Southland, New Zealand

On holiday in the Wairoa
Santa came with Smurf

Hapy Fifth Birthday
I am off to School now...

The last Picture of Hayden
Hayden aged 15


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